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Kibana is a free and open-source frontend application that sits on top of Elasticsearch, and provides search and data visualization capabilities.

DynamiteNSM automatically sets up Kibana with a rich collection of data visualizations and views useful for exploring your network from a variety of different perspectives.

Additional packages can be installed via the kibana package utility.

$ sudo dynamite kibana -h

usage: dynamite [-h] {install,uninstall,process,config,package} ...

Kibana @

positional arguments:
    install             Install Kibana as a standalone component.
    uninstall           Uninstall Kibana on this machine.
    process             Manage local Kibana node processes.
    config              Modify Kibana configurations.
    package             Add, remove, and manage packages created for Dynamite Kibana.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


sudo dynamite kibana install -h


sudo dynamite kibana config -h

Process Management

sudo dynamite kibana process -h



  • Configuration Directory: /etc/dynamite/kibana/
  • Installation Directory: /opt/dynamite/kibana/
  • Logs: /var/log/dynamite/kibana/


  • API URL: http://<management-ip>:5601
  • Default User: admin
  • Default Password: admin