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Install on Same Instance

⚠️ If you ever change the number of CPU cores or inspection interfaces on an agent instance simply run: dynamite agent optimize --inspect-interfaces <int1f> <intf2>... to automatically adjust CPU-affinity and threading families.

Update Default Configs and Mirrors

Make sure you have the latest default configurations and mirrors for the version of DynamiteNSM you have installed.

sudo dynamite updates install

Install Using the Agent Service

DynamiteNSM provides a convenience service called agent which bundles zeek, suricata, and filebeat services into a single deployment.

In the below example traffic on the interfaces eth0 eth1 and eth3 will be monitored; results will be sent to an elasticsearch instance to the url: https://dynamite-monitor:9200.

sudo dynamite agent install --inspect-interfaces eth0 eth1 eth2 --targets https://dynamite-monitor:9200

Start the Processes

Once installed, you can start the process and check its status using the below commands.

sudo dynamite agent process start
sudo dynamite agent process status

Check the Logs

Once Filebeat has successfully started, you can see how many events were sent to Elasticsearch.

sudo dynamite filebeat logs metrics

If Filebeat is not started or events are not populating downstream check the Filebeat log file or tail the summary with the below command.

sudo dynamite filebeat logs main