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The agent is a convenience service that provides a single interface around some of Elasticsearch and Kibana's interfaces.

$ sudo dynamite agent -h

usage: dynamite [-h] {install,uninstall,process,optimize} ...

Agent @

positional arguments:
    install             Install agent components and configure this system as
                        a sensor.
    uninstall           Uninstall all the agent components on this machine.
    process             Manage local Agent processes.
    optimize            Automatically adjust how resources are allocated
                        between Zeek and Suricata.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


sudo dynamite agent install -h


The agent service does not present a wrapper interface for underlying configurations.

These configurations must be accessed directly through the Zeek, Suricata, or Filebeat service commands.

sudo dynamite elasticsearch config -h
sudo dynamite kibana config -h

Process Management

sudo dynamite agent process -h