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The monitor is a convenience service that provides a single interface around some of Elasticsearch and Kibana's interfaces.

$ sudo dynamite monitor -h

usage: dynamite [-h] {install,uninstall,process} ...

Monitor @

positional arguments:
    install             Install monitor components and configure this system
                        to receive events and alerts from various agents.
    uninstall           Uninstall the monitor components on this machine.
    process             Manage Local Monitor processes.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


sudo dynamite monitor install -h


The monitor service does not present a wrapper interface for underlying configurations.

These configurations must be accessed directly through the Elasticsearch or Kibana service commands.

sudo dynamite elasticsearch config -h
sudo dynamite kibana config -h

Process Management

sudo dynamite agent process -h


Problem Description Solution
Can't Access Web Interfaces You cannot access elasticsearch or kibana through their web-interfaces. Firstly, double check that the services are running: dynamite monitor process status. If they are, you may have a host based firewall enabled. By default, CentOS for example, enables firewalld service. You may need to modify the ACLs in order allow 9200 and 5601 accessible to outside hosts. Temporarily, you can disable firewalld via systemctl stop firwalld to verify this is the issue.