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Inspection Interfaces

⚠️ Changes made within these interfaces require that Zeek and/or Suricata be restarted. Typically, the easiest way to accomplish this is via the command: sudo dynamite agent process restart

With so many networks now being defined in software adding and removing inspection interfaces in production, settings is becoming much more commonplace.

At this time, the dynamite commandline utility does not provide the ability to directly modify this section of the relevant configurations.

Users can however use the agent optimize command to re-balance resources against any added/deleted inspection interfaces.

dynamite agent optimize --inspect-interfaces ens33 ens34 ens36 --verbose
2021-06-10 12:33:12 AGENT.THREAD_OPTIMIZE     INFO       | 8 CPU cores detected.
2021-06-10 12:33:12 AGENT.THREAD_OPTIMIZE     INFO       | Both Zeek and Suricata are installed. Allocating 60% of resources to Zeek, 30% to Suricata, and 10% to Kernel.

Configuration Files


By default DynamiteNSM will install Zeek's node.cfg at /opt/dynamite/zeek/etc/node.cfg.

type = logger
host = localhost

type = proxy
host = localhost

type = worker
interface = af_packet::ens33
lb_method = custom
af_packet_fanout_id = 30983
af_packet_fanout_mode = AF_Packet::FANOUT_HASH
lb_procs = 5
pin_cpus = 1,2,3,4,5
host = localhost

type = manager
host = localhost


By default, Suricata's main config will be installed to /etc/dynamite/suricata/suricata.yaml Suricata provides a threading section for pinning CPUs to thread-families.

  - management-cpu-set:
      - 6
  - receive-cpu-set:
      - 7
  - worker-cpu-set:
      - 7
      mode: exclusive
      threads: 1
  set-cpu-affinity: true