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Contribute to a DynamiteNSM

Getting Started

You do not need to be a developer to contribute to this project. DynamiteNSM is relatively modular in design and offers quite a few places to plug in.

Dynamite Projects

DynamiteNSM consists of several projects that are independent of one another.

Project Description Contributing Guide
dynamite-nsm Contains core libraries for setting up the Dynamite stack. View
configurations Default configuration sets that can be used to deploy DynamiteNSM services in pre-defined states N/A
kibana_packages Collections of Kibana saved_objects that can be managed via kibana package utility. View

Types of Contribution

  1. Discussions are where we have conversations. If you'd like help troubleshooting a docs PR you're working on, have a great new idea, or want to share something amazing you've learned in our docs, join us in discussions.

  2. Issues are used to track tasks that contributors can help with. We'll use the issue to have a conversation about the problem you want to fix.

  3. A pull request is a way to suggest changes in our repository. When one is made, a member of our team will accept, reject or most often request changes before it is scheduled for a future release. Before going any further please check out our developer guide to better understand the areas we are receiving pull requests in.