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Project Goals

Passive network monitoring is an approach to network monitoring where traffic is sniffed via strategically placed sensors on critical junctions of a network. DynamiteNSM aims to make the process of setting up and managing this infrastructure as seamless as possible.


Keep interfaces simple and intuitive. Users should be able to get to a working state with minimal documentation.


Give users the option to install and configure only the components they need without requiring them to download a huge image.


Provide intuitive programming interfaces and utilities where ever possible, giving users multiple paths of integration and extension.


Provide variety of ways users can interact with their data, ranging from tracking operational network metrics to threat-hunting.


Install components pre-configured with security in mind. Wherever possible encrypt data in transit and at rest.


Install components to best utilize system resources. When needed, make changes to the underlying system to improve tasks like packet acquisition and memory management.


Provide users with the tools needed to remotely manage their deployments. Users should be able to perform remote operations against multiple instances in parallel. Users should be able to copy the configuration state of one node to another.