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Coding Guidelines


Internally, we use a Python3.7 development environment on Ubuntu 20.04.


Overriding Principle

Names that are visible to the user as public parts of the API should follow conventions that reflect usage rather than implementation.

Style Language Internals
UPPERCASE constants
lower_case_with_underscores methods, functions, and modules
CapitalizedWords classes

Tabs or Spaces

Always use spaces instead of tabs.


Each indention should be 4 spaces.

Maximum Line Length

The maximum 120 characters.

Blank lines

Number of Blank Lines After Language Internals
2 function
1 method
2 import statement

Other Styling Stuff

In general, follow PEP-8 guidelines outlined here.

Use a tool like flake8 to improve readability.

Doc Strings

  1. All methods and functions should document their parameters and return types.
  2. Google Style
  3. Type-hints should be added to all method and function parameters.

Third-Party Dependencies

We love open-source software, but a poorly maintained project merged into the main branch can create technical debt down the line. If you have a third party dependency make sure it is well maintained.