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⚠️dynamite remote and the dynamite-remote utility are currently in the early stages of development, this service may change slightly between minor releases.

Being able to manage multiple DynamiteNSM instances remotely is critical for large scale deployments.

The remote service allows users to install an Authentication Package created on the remote machine. Once installed, the remote machine can invoke dynamite commands against nodes as if DynamiteNSM services were running locally.

$ sudo dynamite remote -h
usage: dynamite [-h] {install,uninstall} ...

Dynamite Remote Manager @

positional arguments:
    install            Install a remote manager authentication package.
    uninstall          Uninstall Dynamite Remote Node on this machine.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit

Before you Begin


The dynamite remote command can be executed on any instance with dynamite-nsm installed. It is responsible for installing an authentication package generated by the separate, dynamite-remote utility.

The dynamite-remote utility is a self-contained program that allows administrators to create Authentication packages that once installed on remote instances allow remote management.

Install the dynamite-remote Utility

On a computer you have designated as your manager you will need to install the dynamite-remote utility, which requires ssh binary be installed and in your $PATH.

pip install dynamite-remote

Generate an Authentication Package

The dynamite-remote utility generates key-pairs then packages the public key along with some helpful metadata into an archive that can be installed on any instance with both openssh-server and dynamite-nsm installed.

 dynamite-remote create --name agent-lab-lan --host agent.lab.local --description "Lab Environment Agent - Zeek and Suricata

Copy the agent.lab.local.tar.gz to your remote node using a tool such as scp.

Authentication Package Installation

sudo dynamite remote install --archive agent.lab.local.tar.gz

Remote Command Execution

On the manager you should now be able to run commands like the one below.

dynamite-remote execute nsm-es "agent -h"

⚠️Always encapsulate the command in quotes to prevent dynamite-remote from mis-interpreting commandline flags.